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Jul 18, 2022

Inside & Outside of School: Tech Tools Needed to 'Flip' Meetings

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Flipping classrooms is a growing model in the world of education. However, more and more workplaces are adopting the flipped model as well.

Even before the pandemic forced offices to adopt flexible, virtual approaches to gatherings, the flipped meeting was beginning to come into focus.

Implemented well — and with the right technology — the flipped meeting approach results in a more effective use of time, better productivity, and in turn, fewer costly hours wasted.

Let’s take a look at benefits of flipped meetings and tech tools that organizations can use to run them. 

What is a flipped meeting? 💻

A flipped meeting inverts the traditional office gathering experience. Instead of watching a google slide deck or combing through a document during a meeting and synthesizing it afterward, employees in a flipped meeting absorb the content via asynchronous video when they have time and then discuss the content during the traditional meeting time.

With the flipped model, managers are free to use meeting time to brainstorm directly with co-workers, help them navigate the content of the video, oversee collaboration, and more. 

The idea is that employees don’t necessarily need guidance to absorb a presentation or document (for example, listening to a new product demonstration or new process tutorial), but they often do need guidance and have questions as they apply that instruction to their day-to-day.

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Major benefits of flipping a meeting 🔄

Transitioning to a flipped meeting model creates major benefits for everyone in an organization:

  • Self-paced learning: People take can engage with the video at their own pace and can rewind/repeat sections as needed.
  • More active meeting time: Flipped sessions focus on active engaging with hands-on potential and more meaningful interaction, rather than one-way lectures and note-taking. This allows everyone to get more out of meeting time. 
  • More collaboration: The people running meetings aren’t spending all their time delivering and presenting, so they're free for more valuable collaboration and brainstorming.

We’ve seen real-world case studies on how flipped classrooms make a positive impact on learning in classrooms. And it's clear, the flipped learning model does require all parties to be self-motivated with easy-to-use tools for viewing and sharing video.

So, it tends to work best when everyone is aware of the new structure and purpose behind flipped meetings.

The best flipped meeting technology and apps💡

The lack of reliable technology has long been one of the biggest hurdles to flipping meetings — but that is no longer an issue.

Anyone can now easily create and distribute presentations, build reports, share analysis, and more with video creation tools (like Screencastify). Anyone in an organization can access that content easily via work and personal devices. 

Still, like any type of workplace, you’ll need the right set of tools to teach it. Below, we’ll go over some tech tools and resources to use in your flipped environment.

Hardware and software tools for flipped meetings: 🛠

Google Chrome on your computer and a camera

Macs, PCs, or Google Chromebooks with the Chrome browser and webcams are all that's needed to consume, produce, and submit content in the workplace. The webcam gives two-way visibility so that co-workers can see each other in fully remote or hybrid environments with some people in-office as well.

This ensures:

  • People can consume digital media, content, and videos from anywhere
  • A camera that allows face-to face visibility for everyone
  • Gives everyone the ability to be a creator, not just a consumers
  • Accommodates more flexibility including flipped, hybrid, and remote meetings


Screencastify is one of the easiest ways around for anyone to record, edit, and share content from their favorite device. It functions as a lightweight extension to your Chrome browser (or Chrome OS if you’re using a Chromebook) and allows you to start screencasting in seconds.

With Screencastify, creating videos for your flipped meeting environment is as simple as clicking a few buttons and then talking and clicking or scrolling through your content. 

You can tackle your entire workflow with Screencastify. Use Record to toggle between recording your entire desktop, a single web page, your webcam, or a mix of the three.

The browser-based Edit tool means you don’t have to rely on getting everything right in one “take”. Edit footage, add helpful text and visuals, and more (and Edit works with nearly any video). And with Submit, anyone can create and turn in their video responses with ease. 

Reasons to use Screencastify in the workplace:

  • Anyone can create video content without bulky tools or complex training
  • Get the ability to assign video-response projects, not just present content
  • Seamless integration with Google apps
  • Lets you get much more out of the same amount of meeting time
  • Add engaging elements such as Interactive Questions and analytics to measure efficacy of videos

Google Forms

Google Forms started as a simple survey tool, but it has evolved into a surprisingly powerful and versatile tool. Organizations use it to create quizzes, custom surveys, sign-up forms, and more.

Top ways to use Google Forms in your flipped meeting:

  • Quickly create assessments to go with direct presentation segments
  • Survey your peers to get feedback on presentations so you can start the meeting with the most confusing or complex topics
  • Get feedback from external sources when sharing public videos

Your must-have video creation tool for flipped meetings 🎬

As you look for the next app to add to your flipped meeting toolkit, Screencastify should be at the top of your list! You’re busy enough as it is, and you don’t need a complex new piece of software that adds new layers of work, planning, and training.

With Screencastify, you simply click, create, and click again — that’s it.

Screencastify is already transforming workflows for educators across the country. Bring that same effectiveness and efficiency to your day-to-day workflow and begin improving ROI at your organization today.

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