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Mar 27, 2024

Video in 2024: Trends, lessons, and success

Screencastify Squad

EdTech has permeated every corner of the modern classroom. And teachers have made their voices heard on which tools are best for improving learning outcomes for every student.

Screencastify knows the importance of video for their workflows. In 2023 alone, more than 21 million Screencastify videos were created by 400,000 educators and students in nearly every country around the globe.

But we also wanted to know how teachers would continue their video journey in 2024 and beyond. 

A recent study by Screencastify looked at how teachers and educators are using asynchronous video, and how they plan to use it in the coming year.

Of the nearly 400 responses recorded at the beginning of 2024, more than half identified as teachers (52 percent) with the other 48 percent identifying as school or district administration, or another role in education. Each shared their thoughts on the year ahead, and you can download the entire study here to learn what they said about using video in the classroom in 2024 and beyond.

As for 2023, data from our survey showed these as some of the most common uses for video:

  • 🎓 34% used video for training or professional development
  • 🗣️ 21% used video for class/school “announcements”
  • 🤝 17% used video to communicate across teams
  • 📚 16% used video to create plans for substitute teachers
  • 📈 10% used video to provide feedback
  • 📱 10% used video for parent communication

And as our survey proves, the number of use cases for video in 2024 in the classroom is shaping up to be higher than ever. Check it out to learn more!

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