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Dec 15, 2023

Using Video to Enhance Math Education

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For math teachers, keeping students with diverse learning styles actively engaged is a challenge.

However, teaching complex information can be made easier with asynchronous video, which allows them to easily create, edit, and share lessons, and provide feedback for students that can help demystify learning and enable better comprehension. With video, math educators can bring the subject matter to life. The ability to visually present mathematical concepts can promote a more profound grasp of concepts and heightened involvement from students. 

Incorporating video into the classroom enables educators to offer additional support to students who may require extra guidance. Educators can record supplementary lessons that provide in-depth explanations of challenging topics, and these videos become a valuable resource for students to revisit as needed, reinforcing their understanding and promoting self-paced learning.

Video review sessions

Weaving asynchronous video into review sessions is another effective way to reinforce previously covered material. Students can revisit the content at their own pace, pausing and replaying sections that require further clarification. This aspect of video not only supports struggling students but also empowers all learners to take control of their academic journey. Related: Watch below to learn how to use math GIFs to check student understanding👇

More accessible lessons

Math teachers can empower students with diverse learning needs when using video in the classroom. For example, they can create instructional videos with closed captions, ensuring that auditory content is accessible to students with hearing impairments or those learning in noise-sensitive environments. Moreover, the drawing and annotation tools offered by Screencastify add an interactive dimension to math lessons. Educators can use these features to walk through complex math problems, visually breaking down each step. This visual aid is particularly beneficial for students who benefit from a more hands-on and visual approach to learning.

Video creates resources for skill reinforcement, absent students

Recording videos is effective for helping students review and consolidate their understanding of various topics. These videos can serve as a supplementary resource, allowing students to navigate through key skills at their own pace. By creating instructional videos that explain fundamental concepts or demonstrate problem-solving techniques, educators empower students to revisit complex material outside the traditional classroom setting.

These videos can help involve families in the learning process. Educators can create videos specifically designed to assist families in supporting their children with homework, bridging the gap between classroom instruction and at-home learning, fostering a collaborative environment where families actively contribute to their child's educational journey.

Video content can also be particularly beneficial for students who may have missed a class. Educators can record catch-up videos, providing a structured and accessible way for absent students to stay on track.  

Assess student learning with questions, assignments

Math educators can also enhance the interactive nature of their videos by embedding questions (multiple choice math problems, for example) directly into the content, which is a valuable feature for immediately assessing student understanding, and creating an engaging experience that also can increase participation. While video assignments allow educators to collect videos from their students, allowing for students to have a platform to demonstrate their work step-by-step in real-time.

Screencastify for math teachers 

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