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Apr 21, 2022

Three Ideas for Celebrating Earth Virtually Every Day with Video

Olivia Nelson
PD Specialist

Since 1970, people in the United States have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22. Earth Day is a day to honor and celebrate the natural world, as well as do what we can to protect our planet from things like pollution and promote things such as the Great Global Cleanup

As educators, we can use this day to encourage our students to be the next generation of planet protectors and — you guessed it — video is a great way to do it!

Read below for some great ways to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 or any day! And listen below to learn how other ways to make the most of online classrooms!

Virtual nature walks 🏔

In order to understand the value of protecting the planet, students must first learn to appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature. We want to get kids outside and let them experience nature firsthand, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.

Use Video to take your students on a nature walk instead!

Start by finding a location with lots of nature to see:

  • Choose a park in a big city
  • Visit an even bigger national park
  • Or check out a local forest

Search for the location on Google maps and then use street view to explore what the area actually looks like. When you’re ready, open Screencastify and record your screen. You can embed your webcam to add a personal touch and use the drawing tools to highlight specific elements for your students. 

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Planet protector videos 🌏

Teachers aren’t the only ones that can make videos for Earth Day. Let your students in on the fun, too!

After a fun-filled day of Earth Day activities, it’s important to help students carry the spirit of Earth Day with them every single day. One way to do that is to ask them to become lifelong Planet Protectors. While this is certainly a made up title, students can identify the real responsibilities that it brings with them.

Ask students to brainstorm by themselves or in groups about actions they can commit to continue taking even after Earth Day is over. Then, ask students to use the Webcam Recording feature on Screencastify to create a video in which they outline their commitment.

Bonus: Use Screencastify’s editing features to combine all the Planet Protector videos together and share them with families and the larger community!

Reduce by Re-using, recycling videos! 🌳

Think of all the paper we use every day in our classrooms. Between parent newsletters, classwork, homework, and other documents, estimates hover around 32 billion sheets of paper used by schools across the country every year. 

In recent years, with advances in technology, schools have certainly been able to save paper. Many teachers use learning management software that allows them to record things like grades, attendance, and — digitally instead of on paper.

Video is the ultimate renewable resource. Students can watch them as many times as they want, plus teachers can share the same video with multiple groups of students. Using video to record lessons, administer assessments, and give directions is another great way that teachers can continue to cut back on paper and protect the environment. 

Start recording today!

Want to use video to celebrate Earth Day and help students learn the different ways they can make a difference? Install Screencastify now and start recording in seconds!

Olivia Nelson
PD Specialist

Former elementary school teacher helping educators use video to enhance the learning experience.