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May 4, 2020

Simplify Your Tech Support with Screencastify Submit

James Francis

Since schools have closed their doors due to COVID-19, much has been written about the strategies, challenges, and opportunities related to remote learning. We’ve spoken with hundreds of educators who continue to impress us with creative new ways to make their lives a little easier with Screencastify. There is one question, however, that nobody seems to have a great answer to.

“How can I provide good remote tech support to my students and teachers while they’re at home?”

We’ve spoken with teachers, coaches, and IT admins who are struggling to help troubleshoot device issues without the privilege of actually having the device. After all, it’s difficult enough to provide good tech support when school is open!

Well, the Screencastify Squad has got some great news for you.

If you have experience with tech support, you’ll know well that the hardest part of solving someone’s problem is figuring out what the problem actually is. It’s often difficult for people to explain their issue, especially if they don’t have much technical experience. This can lead to a lot of wasted time getting to the bottom of what may end up being a very simple issue to fix.

Our newest product, Screencastify Submit, can be used to make technical issues visible by allowing people to record screen videos justs by clicking a link! It’s actually an amazingly effective tech support tool.

Instead of going back and forth with people trying to diagnose a problem, Submit allows you to see the issue with no friction.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create a special recording link (you only have to do this once)
  2. Anyone can use that link to start a screen recording. They don’t need to install any extensions or download any software. It just works.
  3. When they’re done recording, the video is automatically saved on your Google Drive.

That’s it! Your recording link will become your best friend. You can drop it on your tech support site if you want submissions to be “always open”, or send the link directly in emails to request a video from a specific individual.

Here at Screencastify, we use Submit for our own customer support (here’s the link we use!), and it allows us to resolve issues so, so much faster.

Try out Submit for your tech support efforts today! You’ll be amazed at how much time you save and how happy your teachers and students will be that they no longer have to try to type out their issue in a long email.

James Francis

As CEO, James leads Screencastify towards its mission of giving every teacher superpowers.