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Jan 6, 2023

Screencastify Playback: Queuing up a look at 2022

Screencastify Squad

We saw it firsthand: 2022 was the year of the creator.

What did you create last year? Maybe you were an educator recording lessons so your students could revisit to make sure they didn’t miss a single detail. Maybe your company brought in a new CMO and you wanted to make asynchronous onboarding a breeze. Or maybe you just wanted to share a message with your family during the holiday. 

We’re unable to count the different kinds of videos created in 2022 or the ways our users shared their videos. But we were able to count just how prolific the year of the creator was. 📸

Screencastify Playback is designed to give a small view into the massive amount of video creation that took place last year. It’s about celebrating what video creators shared and the impact they made on everyone who viewed their videos. 

Check out our Playback snapshot to see what you contributed to in 2022 and begin to visualize what you’ll be able to do in 2023!👇 

Are you still waiting to create your first video? Become a part of 2023’s Screencastify Playback picture by starting right now!

Screencastify Squad

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