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Oct 3, 2022

Screencastify Partners with Modern Classrooms Project!

Screencastify Squad

Screencastify’s mission is to provide video technology that makes the best learning outcomes available to everyone. We provide simple tools to help educators not only create and share video, but also assess students’ comprehension.

To help more teachers create dynamic, differentiated instruction and student-centered learning, Screencastify has partnered with the Modern Classrooms Project to offer all educators who are enrolled in MCP’s Free Online Course one free month of Screencastify Pro!* 

Simply select the Screencastify Pro Monthly Plan and use the code FREE30MCP at checkout. No credit card required! You’ll experience the unlimited video creation experience, including: 

  • 🎬 Unlimited video creation, video length, and storage to build out the ultimate library
  • ✅ As many Submit assignments as you want to encourage students to become creators
  • 🎥 No watermarking when publishing videos to YouTube to share with other teachers, students or parents
  • 💯 Access all of Screencastify’s amazing features to create the best learning outcomes

Visible Success in Modern Classrooms 

The Modern Classrooms Project empowers educators around the world to build classrooms that respond to every student’s unique needs. Their teacher-led program leverages technology to foster human connection, authentic learning, and social-emotional growth. 

With Modern Classrooms Project, you’ll use instructional videos to cultivate:

  • Blended learning: Students access content through teacher-created videos, making instruction accessible and freeing up teacher time in class
  • Self-pacing: Students  control the pace of their own learning, ensuring that every learner is appropriately challenged and engaged each day
  • Mastery-based progression: Students advance from one lesson to the next only when they demonstrate mastery, building self-confidence and preventing learning gaps from forming.

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Modern Classrooms Project has more than 200 school and district partners nationwide, and more than 50,000 teachers in its Free Online Course (from more than 150 countries). 

Ready to create instructional videos that meet every student’s needs? Start creating with Screencastify today and improve learning outcomes for every student!

* Offer not available to current Screencastify Starter or Pro users.

Screencastify Squad

Helping educators accomplish more, create visible success and inspire new ways of teaching.