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Jan 9, 2020

BIG NEWS: Say hi to the new Screencastify!

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

Update: 09.21.21: Take a look at the new Screencastify for 2021 👀

We're entering the new decade the right way: with a brand new Screencastify!

This update is among our biggest ever… and it's the direct result of the inspiring conversations we've had with educators over the past few months. To those educators (you know who you are 😉), this one’s for you!

Here’s the deal: Screencastify is now free-er, funner, and faster than ever before.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of what’s new... And listen to our episode of EdTech Heroes below to see how Screencastify helps empower superhero teachers!

Say goodbye to paid features 👋

We’ll share the best news first: we’ve unlocked our full recording experience! Our old free plan had a bunch of not-so-fun limitations on what you could do (50 videos per month, no trimming, no exporting, a watermark and more).

Not anymore! Now all free users can:

  • Create an unlimited number of recordings
  • Trim videos
  • Export as MP4, MP3, and animated GIF
  • Record with no watermark

The only restriction of the new free plan is that each recording has a 5-minute limit. As long as you stay under that limit, you can enjoy access to all of the best features we have to offer at zero cost. Hooray!

Note: If you’re on the old plan, you’ll soon have the option to switch to the new plan on the Video page in our extension. If you choose not to switch now, your plan will be automatically switched to the new one on February 1, 2020.

Way more sharing options 🌍

What’s the point of making a screencast if it’s cumbersome to get it in front of the right audience? That’s why we built a number of new sharing options we hope you’ll love.

  • Generate a QR code. Take your video offline and/or onto other devices more easily with QR codes
  • Send in email. Quickly open up an email in Gmail with the link to your video attached. Perfect for sharing with your colleagues or a limited number of people.
  • Copy embed code. Insert your video into your website simply by copying and pasting the video’s embed code.
  • Share to Google Classroom. Technically, this has always been possible with Screencastify, but it was a lesser-known feature. Now we’ve brought this integration front and center!

As always, all videos will automatically save to your Google Drive 🤩

A new and (much) improved Video Page ✨

It was time for the page you see most when using Screencastify to undergo a facelift. And indeed it did. You’ll hardly recognize the new Video page, which makes it a whole lot faster to polish your video and get it where it needs to be:

  • Lightning trim. Get rid of unnecessary footage at the start and end of your video. Remember, this feature is now free!
  • Faster sharing and exporting. All share and export options are organized and clearly visible in the right-hand sidebar -- no more hidden menus.
  • Cleaner look and feel. We’ve done some decluttering and removed a lot of unnecessary information. Keep It Simple, Screencasters!

A faster, more reliable editor ✂️

We rebuilt our editor from the ground up to make it more performant, smooth, and reliable. It’s now the slickest browser-based editor out there. Using our simple interface, you can add multiple videos to the timeline (even those recorded outside of Screencastify), rearrange clips, crop them, and even add text.

As always, no prior experience is required to get comfortable with the editor, which is included with every Premium subscription.

Try it out today and enjoy a free 3-day trial!

We can’t wait for you to check out Screencastify 2020. Launch the extension and give everything a whirl!

Note: It may take a few days for your extension to update in the background. To force an update now, you can manually update your extensions.

When you've had a chance to check out the newly improved Screencastify, let us know what you think on Twitter with #Screencastify2020.

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Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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