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May 23, 2022

Get the Keys to Video Creation with New Screencastify Packaging!

Screencastify Squad

Screencastify’s mission is to give everyone the control and customization needed to make video creation their superpower.

To continue our mission in giving our users choice, we have created three new video plans for our new individual users to meet each individual’s specific screen recording needs. 

Learn more about our new plans below or click here to get started and listen to our latest episode of EdTech Heroes below for great video tips!👇

Free plan (no credit card required!)💡

Screencastify will always be free to use. And to ensure that we’ll always be able to provide the best video tool for educators or any user no matter their budget, we offer Screencastify free for anyone who wants to create video in seconds with the essential tools.

For new users, we’re expanding the maximum length of videos in the free version from 5 minutes to 10 minutes! Users of the free plan will be able to create and export up to 10 videos at this length.

Free plan users will also be able to create an active assignment using Submit, which allows teachers or any user to securely collect video assignments or request feedback in video form. 

As part of our free plan, we will also provide:

  • Unlimited sharing via the Watch Page 
  • Watermarked YouTube exports
  • Viewer Analytics for first three viewers

Starter plan for those who create regularly 🎬

For anyone who wants to do more with video using the free tier tools plus advanced features, we now offer a robust Starter plan that gives you everything you love about the Free version and so much more, including:

  • Unlimited videos for your library 
  • Unlimited video length
  • One active Submit assignment
  • Unlimited length exports
  • Unlimited YouTube exports (no watermark)
  • Unlimited MP4 and MP3 exports
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Unlimited viewer analytics

Pro plan for master screencasters 🎓

For anyone who wants to unleash the full power of the Screencastify ecosystem, our Pro plan truly provides screen recording video without limits. You will get everything from our Starter plan and more, including:  

  • An unlimited video library with uncapped video length
  • Unlimited interactive questions and video assignments to create the best learning experience for students or gather deep insights from colleagues
  • Full sharing capabilities with Watch Page, powerful publishing, and flexible exports
  • Full access to robust engagement analytics to empower data-driven decisions

Install Screencastify free!

If you haven’t tried Screencastify, now is the time. Begin your journey with video to improve the way you teach, communicate and learn. Just click here to install the Google Chrome extension and get started! 

Screencastify for your team 🏫

Want to give everyone on your team, in your school or in your organization the ability to more effectively explain, communicate and learn with video? Like video creation, we make that simple too! Reach out to our team to see how we can empower yours today!

Screencastify Squad

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