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Oct 12, 2023

Quick Tip: Use Video to Improve Parent-Teacher Conferences

Screencastify Squad

Can you believe it’s already time for parent-teacher conferences? With a classroom full of students, we know that scheduling these meetings and hosting them can be tough. 

Screencastify can make it easier!

If you are having trouble finding time to meet with parents, you can record a video about their child’s progress and send it to them.

For parents that you are able to meet with in person, add their child’s perspective to the meetings by asking them to make reflection videos! Last, but not least, try out this Progress Report template. You can share comments, celebrations, and feedback via text, and add a video to clearly communicate with parents and children.  

Click here for a progress report video walk through!

Video in every classroom

Want to bring asynchronous video to your classroom today for free? Install Screencastify to begin your video journey! And contact us to learn more about how you can bring video to your entire school or district.

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