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Nov 14, 2023

Quick Tip: Confirm Your Screencastify Pro Access! 

Screencastify Squad

Screencastify Pro unleashes the full power of the Screencastify ecosystem for educators, providing unlimited video creation, editing, and video assignments!

In fact, your district may already be providing unlimited access to Screencastify for you right now! If so, just follow the instructions below to take full advantage.

Accessing Screencastify’s premium tools is incredibly simple! The first step to getting all of the features of Screencastify Pro is to claim one of  your district/school’s licenses. Read on for the full process:

1. Confirm that you have the Screencastify extension downloaded.

     • Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store if you do not see it in your chrome toolbar.  

     • Make sure to pin the extension as well for easy access!

2. Authenticate in the Screencastify extension using your district issued Google email/account (for first time users).

3. Click on the extension to confirm that the banner shows “RecordUnlimited.”

     • If you do not see “unlimited” but instead see Free Version- contact your license administrator at {insert variable}.

4. Record a quick video to share with students, other teachers/admins, or parents!

You can also check out our quick 30-second tutorial video below!👇

Video in every classroom

Want to bring asynchronous video to your classroom today for free? Install Screencastify to begin your video journey! And contact us to learn more about how you can bring video to your entire school or district.

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