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Aug 23, 2021

Position Students and Parents for ‘Back to School’ Success!

Screencastify Squad

You’ve minimized the summer slide and come out on the other side. Now — it’s time to go back to school! 🏫

Now that students are winding down from break and turning their eyes toward Day 1, it’s important that teachers put pillars in place to ensure that all of the great lessons and routines from Day 1 are carried throughout the year. 

The Screencastify Squad has put together important areas that teachers can focus on to ensure everyone is positioned for success! Check them out ⬇️ And listen to Kasey Bell discuss back to school in EdTech Heroes below!

💪 Establishing strong routines

With a new year comes a new opportunity to reinvent routines. But building a routine doesn't have to feel, well, routine. See how video can make this crucial step for every year more simple and more engaging. 

👨‍👩‍👧 Family engagement

When a student’s family is a part of the new year ramp up, everyone is better positioned for an amazing year! Watch our video to see how you can change how introductions are managed and even walk parents through important assignments and strategies. 

🙋 Promoting student voice, building community

Building community is crucial in building excitement in any classroom. By establishing rules, expectations or norms upfront, students will understand why they’re in place and how they’re valuable for everyone to have a safe and successful year. See how Screencastify can help build community as well as get students talking! 

🚌 Videos to drive your back-to-school planning

Video can transform your students’ learning experiences. Learn more about the ways Screencastify will provide the tools for creativity and innovation all year long in our educational Resource Hub. Here are some more ideas for videos that can help kick the year off right!

Safety first: By leveraging video creatively, topics such as safety that might normally make students groan can be a fun learning experience! Recording a review of safety and health protocols is a great way to share extremely important information in an engaging way. 

Treasure hunt: QR codes throughout the room (or school!) to give visual video clues (practice rhyming, limericks, math). This also serves as a great way for students to get a close look at their new surroundings!

'Show and Tell' in the Classroom: Be able to showcase something that’s difficult to bring to school (like a baby goat 🐐).

👩‍🏫 In-person learning tips for the new school year

Returning to the classroom provides endless opportunities to create, share and assess through the power of video. Check out our recent article 10 Ways to Use Video for In-Person Learning to see just some of our favorite ways to utilize video in the classroom to build student confidence and continue your own mastery!

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