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Dec 11, 2023

Let’s Pause and Rewind: A Look at Playback 2023

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

We speak often about the power of pause and rewind for teachers and students. It saves teachers’ time and puts the power of self-paced learning in students' hands. But it’s also a great end-of-year reminder to pause and take a look back at what you’ve created! 

And while we were unable to count the ways that video impacted your classroom in 2023, we are able to count just how prolific our users were in the past year.

We created Screencastify Playback to provide a quick look back at all of the video creation that took place in 2023. It is meant to celebrate what educators and students accomplished in the past year and the impact they made on everyone who viewed their videos. 

Check out our Playback snapshot to “rewind” and see what you helped contribute to in 2023 and then mentally hit “fast forward” to visualize what you can create in 2024!👇 

Want to record your first video? Become a part of 2024’s Screencastify Playback picture by kicking your library off now!

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

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