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Jul 1, 2024

Oxnard Union High School District Levels Up Learning with Screencastify

Erika Love
Customer Success Manager

I'm thrilled to introduce you all to Jay Sorenson, the EdTech Coordinator at Oxnard Union High School District! Jay's dedication to fostering innovation in education is truly inspiring. He shares their incredible journey with Screencastify and how it's transformed teaching and learning in their district, a success story fueled by Jay's consistent leadership and vision and smoothly empowered by the user-friendly nature of Screencastify.

Planting the Seeds: A Screencastify Pilot Program Takes Root 

In 2018, Jay recognized the potential of Screencastify to empower teachers and engage students. With a pilot program, he introduced a limited number of licenses. The ease of use of Screencastify was a key factor. Educators could quickly learn the tool and start creating engaging video lessons, and students could grasp the basics intuitively. 

Building Momentum: From Expansion to Essential Tool 

The pilot's success paved the way for further investment. In 2019, the district expanded Screencastify access, recognizing its growing impact. Then, in 2020, the pandemic presented a unique challenge – a rapid shift to distance learning. Thankfully, thanks to Jay's proactive approach with the pilot program and the adaptability of Screencastify, Oxnard Union High School District was prepared. With teachers already familiar with the user-friendly platform, the transition was smoother. This period also became an opportunity for Jay to champion further educator training on integrating video into remote lessons, leveraging Screencastify's versatility.

Scaling Up and Gamifying Success

Fast forward to today, Screencastify Pro is a cornerstone of the district's educational toolkit. Jay's consistent efforts in promoting the tool have resulted in widespread adoption. Educators are leveraging features like Edit and Submit to create a dynamic learning environment. This past year alone, teachers and staff produced a staggering 4,400 videos, while student creation soared to an impressive 35,000!

The Secret Sauce: Gamified PD and Inquiry-Based Learning

A key factor behind this surge in video creation? Jay's innovative approach to professional development. The district's gamified platform, Oxnard Union Express, powered by Aluto, features Screencastify as a key EdTech tool. This platform, spearheaded by Jay, allows educators to learn about Screencastify's functionalities in a fun and interactive way. The progressive levels, starting with self-recording and culminating in student video creation, provide a structured learning path for teachers, ensuring everyone gets comfortable with the tool.

Inquiry Takes Flight: Students Empowered as Creators

Promoting inquiry-based learning is another district priority championed by Jay. He encourages educators to design project-based activities where students actively showcase their understanding through creative endeavors. Screencastify perfectly complements this approach. Students can explain concepts, showcase research findings, or even create video presentations, all within the platform's user-friendly interface.

Smarter Things: Extending the Learning Experience

The district's commitment to student learning goes beyond educators. Jay and his team have developed "Smarter Things," a digital citizenship game powered by Aluto. This game incorporates Screencastify, allowing students to not only learn the tool but also earn badges as they progress. By the end, they're certified "Master Screencaster Juniors"!

The Future is Bright: Continued Innovation on the Horizon

Jay's relentless pursuit of improvement extends to the future. The district is constantly looking for ways to expand Screencastify usage. In the coming year, Jay aims to get even more teachers comfortable with the Edit and Submit features. Additionally, the exciting new Captions tool for world languages offers the potential for even more inclusive learning experiences. This feature will automatically generate captions in multiple languages, catering to the district's diverse student population.

A Journey of Success: A Testament to Visionary Leadership

The story of Oxnard Union High School District's success with Screencastify is a testament to Jay Sorenson's dedication and vision. Through his consistent efforts, Jay has transformed Screencastify from a pilot program into a powerful tool that empowers educators and engages students. As the district looks to the future, Jay's leadership will undoubtedly continue to pave the way for even greater innovation in teaching and learning.

Erika Love
Customer Success Manager

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