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Feb 25, 2022

Watch Some of Our Favorite #mybestvideo Entries!

Screencastify Squad

In January, Screencastify celebrated its 8th anniversary of empowering educators by asking them to share their best videos!  

We received more than one hundred amazing videos from teachers (search #mybestvideo on Twitter to see them all) and wanted to share a few of our favorites that any educator could benefit from! Check them out below ⬇️

1. Draw on classic works of art 🎨

This first video from @teresa_diaz is a great dissection of an artistic artifact and an example of how the Screencastify pen tool can be used to highlight certain portions of a video or image. Watch the full video here!

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2. Recording stop motion 🎥

Stop motion is an animation technique in which a camera is repeatedly stopped and started, frame-by-frame, in order to give inanimate objects and figures the impression of movement. 

In this session, @crone_julia, a Keep Indiana Learning Coach, uses Screencastify to show teachers the best app to use for stop motion animation and how to implement it in their classroom for their students to show-off their creative skills!

3. No, not that ‘Wordle’ 🔠

The app for word artists previously known as Wordle now goes by EdWordle. It’s a word cloud generator and @JenniferAGenge shows how teachers and students can use the tool for creative descriptions of anything they want. And yes, they can all be five letter words if preferred. See the video here!

4. Hooked on video for teaching phonics 📚

From @tianabanks46: ”Teaching Kindergarten during a pandemic came with its own set of challenges especially teaching phonics. @Screencastify was a life saver! Using screencastify I was able to still model with the drawing tools and clearly pronounce the sounds.”

Watch the video here!

5. ‘AGB, he made that thing’📱

This entry from @APSITSdawson may be labeled as “Drake parody,” but in terms of video quality, we see it as “Drake parity”. Watch here!

And it’s not the only rap video we received, thanks to @jamse. Trust us, these are worth a click. 👊 🎤 ⬇️

6. Add context to older videos 🗳

See how @ElonTeacher used Screencastify to edit and add context to his original video and share how it helped not only students better understand the Electoral College, but also helped an octogenarian! More proof that you can never stop learning. 

7. Keep it simple with Screencastify 💻

“It's not my most creative video, but it's the one that proved to be the most useful for my students!” 

@MrsBadiner shows that even a simple screencast with tips for students can make a huge impact. Check it out here!

8. It’s story time! 📖

Students can’t always be present for story time. But that doesn’t mean they can’t hear their teachers read! @KrevatSusan shares her Screencastify video of a reading of a chapter of Poppleton Book One: Neighbors. 

Students can hear the story from their teacher for the first time or relive it over and over again!

9. Playing the percentages video 🧮

Math can be complicated. However, when students can see the work in a video and rewind/rewatch as much as they need, it can help anyone in their mastery. Click here to see how @mskmath007 teaches percentages with Screencastify. 

10. Playing through a pandemic 🎸

Last, but certainly not least comes this video from Salina South Guitar who said this: 

“@Screencastify - we couldn't have kept playing guitar during the middle of COVID lockdown without you. These students all used #screencastify to record themselves from home. #mybestvideo”

Watch the video here!

And congratulations to the winners of our Screencastify #mybestvideo drawing!

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