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Dec 3, 2021

See All of Your Videos at a Glance on the New My Videos Page

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

Looking for a video you recorded a couple of years ago? That used to involve looking through all of the files in your Google Drive. And with time-consuming searching, you might even give up before finding the video you need.

Now, we’ve got a better solution! The new My Videos page in Screencastify Record allows you to search for any video, organize them all, and see your video analytics in one place.

Search through all of your videos 🔎 

When you visit the My Videos page, you’ll find a search bar in the top right. From there, you can search by name for any video you’ve ever created with Screencastify or any video you’ve uploaded and saved to Screencastify Edit. 

Click on the video to be taken to that recording’s Video Management Page where you can add an interactive question to gauge viewer understanding, see video engagement with Viewer Analytics, or make the video more engaging by uploading it to Screencastify Edit

Sort videos with ease 📂

The new My Videos page includes a table view. Just switch over to it on the top right. 

In the table view, you can organize your videos based on all types of parameters.

Have a rough idea of when you created the video you’re looking for? Organize all of your videos by date created. Trust us: It’ll make it a whole lot easier to find the gems you created for this unit last year. 

Forgot what you called a video but, remember that it was one of your longer videos? Organize your videos by time in either ascending or descending order. 

Curious which of your videos are getting the most views on the Screencastify Watch Page? You can organize by that too!

And finally, you can organize your videos based on the number of responses you’ve received to your Interactive Questions to gauge whether students are ready to move on or not. 

See all of your video stats in one place 📈

Monitoring student engagement used to include going to each recording’s Video Management Page. 

Now, you can see everything all at once. 

On either the table view or the grid view, you see how many people have viewed your video by looking at the number next to 👀 or see how many people have responded to your Interactive Questions by looking at the number next to ✔️.

Want to know who those people are? Click on the video to analyze Viewer Analytics and view the Response Details view.

In the Viewer Analytics view, you’ll be able to see who has watched your video (by email address, nickname, or anonymously - you decide); when they’ve most recently watched, and how many times they’ve watched. 

On the Response Details view, you have access to tons of data to help you make instructional decisions. You can even organize data based on the individual viewer, the question, or the video as a whole. 

Get Started with My Videos 📹

The best part about the new My Videos page is that it’s uniquely yours. Head on over and take a trip down memory lane of all the ways you’ve engaged your students, parents, and colleagues throughout your time as a video creator. 

  1. Start by heading directly to the My Videos page or access the page by clicking on the extension menu on the top left
  2. Once you’re there, decide how you want to sort your videos on the top right (you can always change this)
  3. Then, decide if you’d like to view your videos in the grid view (default) or the table view (this can be changed later too)
  4. That’s it! Start looking through your videos! (Remember: you can always revisit this page when you need to find your Screencastify recordings)

Have ideas about how you plan to use this new feature? Let us know on Twitter @Screencastify

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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