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May 20, 2024

Not enough time for PD? Screencastify has you covered!

Rupal Dedania
Sr. Customer Success Manager

One of the biggest challenges we hear from the admins at districts we work with is that there is almost never enough time to provide teachers with quality professional learning experiences while also knowing teachers are short on time. 

Enter Nicole Parker, Coordinator of Instructional Technology from Copley-Fairlawn in Ohio! One of Nicole’s goals has been to provide quick professional learning experiences that teachers can turn around and use in their daily instruction. As a result, she created an efficient and super exciting way for teachers to learn new things, earn credits, and really fun rewards. 

This system has motivated teachers to complete the professional learning videos and incorporate their learning into their day-to-day instruction. Talk about a win-win! 

Copley-Fairlawn School District’s Asynchronous Professional Learning System:

  1. Create quick professional learning videos using Screencastify
    Rupal’s Tip: connect technology to district-wide instructional initiatives (i.e. if you have goals around student engagement, create a quick video on how you can have students use Screencastify to create a recording!)
  1. Share the videos with teachers
    Rupal’s Tip: enable analytics and add interactive questions to keep track of participation and engagement (i.e. the analytics can help you keep track of who is watching the videos, and the questions can give you insight into how your teachers will use the learning to support their teaching. You can also create a Submit assignment for teachers to complete to show how they are using what they learned in their classroom or teaching)
  1. Build a rewards system - for example, 5 completed videos = a super fun prize
    Nicole's Tip: reach out to your local community to see if they will donate prizes or money to support your teachers professional learning! This doesn’t have to cost a ton - think “preferred parking spot” and classroom flags!

Rupal Dedania
Sr. Customer Success Manager

Always lending a helping hand to ensure your Screencastify experience is seamless.