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Sep 22, 2020

New Toolbar: More Fun, Effective, and Flexible

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

We’ve got a HUGE announcement. The toolbar in Screencastify Record is brand new! We can't wait for you to check out the new stickers, shapes, and tools!

➡️ To get started immediately, update your extension. Or, if you’re brand new to Screencastify, install the extension. ⬅️

We've got fun stickers and shapes!

We’re so excited to unveil these fun new emojis that should get your viewers excited to watch your recordings.

A picture of the sticker options in the new toolbar

To use them, enable the toolbar before you begin a recording and then click on the emoji you’d like to add to the screen. You can place it wherever you’d like with a click. Get super fancy - you can add as many emojis as you’d like!

The new stickers make it easier to draw attention to specific things on screen. If you’re creating tech tutorials, try placing an emoji where you’d like your viewers to click next. Or, praise and critique student work emoji style! Give your kiddos a 😍 when they’ve made a salient argument or throw in a 💯 when they’ve arrived at a spectacular answer!

The rectangle options in the new toolbar

Stickers aren’t the only fun new addition. Now, you can create a rectangle anywhere on screen. And, even change the color 🌈. Pointing your students or colleagues toward a specific button? Draw a rectangle over it! Or, emphasize the important parts of your instructional videos with a snazzy new box.

A new option to capture viewer attention

The old version of our toolbar included a few ways to capture and direct student attention. The spotlight tool allowed you to make important information visually distinct. And, the mouse click effect created a radiant effect around anything you clicked.

And, those tools are still around! But now, they’re joined by fireworks 🎇.

A picture of the mouse effect options in the new toolbar

We’re so excited to unveil a new way to capture viewer attention! We bet your new fireworks won’t be missed.

Use them to celebrate amazing ideas on screen, showcase crucial information, or add a bit of flare to your clicks.

A flexible toolbar to fit all of your needs

A GIF of the new toolbar moving

The new toolbar is more functional and flexible. This new update should make annotating way easier for all of your videos.

Remember our old toolbar? It was married to the bottom-left of your screen. Often, this meant it obscured important information. Well, not anymore! Now, you can click and move the toolbar anywhere you’d like.

You can even make it smaller to fit in tight places on action-packed screens. Want to get rid of it entirely? You can still use the awesome tools with our keyboard shortcuts.

To make it easy for anyone to get started, we’ve added labels under each of the buttons. This small addition should have a big impact on improving accessibility. Now, new users, younger learners, and everyone else can quickly discern how to manipulate our tools. We know that these new updates will make for some cool new videos! If you’ve been using Screencastify, update your extension to see the update. If you’re brand new, you’ll just need to install the extension.

Listen below to see how Screencastify simplifies teachers' lives!

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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