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An Early Peek at What’s Coming Soon to Screencastify

Jarrod Rice | June 09, 2021

An Early Peek at What’s Coming Soon to Screencastify

Pop quiz time!

Can you guess what the Screencastify team has been working on lately? Here’s a hint: There are multiple correct answers ✅✅.

Our mission is to help teachers create the best learning experiences through video. And soon, we're unveiling new features that'll make it easy to engage students and evaluate that engagement: Screencastify Video Quizzes and Viewer Analytics.

More Active Learning💡

Making videos interactive helps students maintain focus. It can also be a great way to gain insight into their understanding of subject matter.

quizzes view

Instant feedback: Screencastify’s Video Quizzes will allow educators to engage students by adding multiple-choice questions. Students get instant feedback on their answers, and teachers can view their student’s responses and scores.

Help students throughout the video: With our new Video Quizzes, teachers can gain an understanding of who has engaged with their videos. The quiz functionality can even provide clues into who might have additional questions, or who might have had trouble understanding the material covered.

Look Who’s Watching 👀

Teachers often create videos with Screencastify, send them to students and then wonder who saw the video. With Viewer Analytics, teachers will get the answer.

watch page

Our Viewer Analytics will allow educators to create Watch Pages that will give them the ability to see:

Viewer details: Get a list of everyone who has viewed the video via the Watch Page Link and the total number of times the viewer logged in to watch.

The number of viewers: Teachers can now see how many different viewers have watched a video through the Watch Page link, which provides students with a distraction-free place to watch videos that load instantaneously.

With Screencastify Viewer Analytics, a snapshot of student engagement will be just a click away.

Coming Soon 😎

Video Quizzes and Viewer Analytics will change the way teachers and students interact with Screencastify videos. We can’t wait to show you how powerful they will be for your Screencastify video workflow!