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Apr 13, 2022

NASA and Screencastify Join Forces to Launch Challenge!

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

NASA and Screencastify have officially teamed up! 🚀

And while we’re still waiting for approval of our plans to create the first-ever Submit assignment from space, we have joined forces for NASA’s Spotlite program!

The Spotlite program which focuses on science — both for students and by students — is hosting a video design challenge to capture observations and create a video for the NASA eClips website!

NASA Spotlite videos are short (90-120 second) student-produced videos designed to address science misconceptions. The videos are used within classroom-ready 5E lessons that utilize interactive technologies. Lessons foster conceptual change and deeper understanding of scientific vocabulary.

Watch below to see Partner Solutions Manager Shaun Conway explain how Screencastify video creation tools can be used to enter the challenge!👇

What is a NASA Spotlite? 🔦

These 90- to 120-second videos are written, filmed, edited, and produced by students using the engineering design process. Each video targets a science misconception.

Where are NASA Spotlite videos used? ☄️

Approved videos that meet all criteria and constraints will be added to the NASA eClips website. These videos will support science lessons and be used by classroom teachers across the United States.

Why does NASA want videos? 🎬

One of NASA’s goals is to improve scientific literacy, or our understanding of science. The goal of the video is to change students' misconceptions about a topic in science.

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How can Spotlites help? 🔭

A video that includes a demonstration and encourages others to try a related science activity can be used to help teach the correct science.

Who can participate? 🧑🚀

This challenge is for students in grades 6 through 12. Students age 13 and older may appear on camera. Students under age 13 may still participate in all other aspects of the project.

Want to get started? 🙋

Install Screencastify free today to launch video for your classroom and improve learning outcomes for every student and/or future astronaut!

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

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