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Jul 20, 2018

How to Make Lip Sync Videos with Screencastify

James Francis

Teachers! As you're preparing for the school year ahead, here's an idea that's sure to grab your students' attention.

Lip sync videos are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, in part due to the viral success of celebrity lip sync battles that are racking up millions and millions of YouTube views. And for good reason - they're just as fun to watch as they are to make!

In the classroom, lip sync videos can be more than just pure fun. They're also a great way to improve nonverbal delivery skills, storytelling, creativity, and presentation confidence. They might well help your students begin to come out of their shells and express themselves!

This coming school year, give it a shot at the start of the school year as an ice-breaker/introductory exercise or use it as a reward after a test or challenging part of your syllabus.

While most people use Screencastify to capture their...well...screens, it's also a handy tool for making amazing lip syncs using the real high-quality audio from the song!

For fun, interactive language practice, ask your students to choose a song in a different language!

Make Your Own Lip Sync Videos with Screencastify

  1. Choose a song and navigate to it's YouTube page
  2. Open Screencastify and make sure that Browser Tab is selected
  3. Turn Embed Webcam on
  4. Turn your Microphone off (you don't want any audio capture from you or your environment)
  5. Click "Show more options" and turn Tab Audio on (this will capture the audio directly from the YouTube video)
  6. Start your recording
  7. Press play on the YouTube video
  8. Drag your webcam so it takes up your whole tab
  9. Sing your heart out!

That's it! Screencastify will record the audio directly from the YouTube video in its full, original quality, so it will sound like a true background track on your video.

And this wouldn't be an authentic suggestion unless we made a lip sync video ourselves. Here goes nothing 😬

So now it's your turn...make a lip sync and share it with us on Twitter! We'll be giving out some prizes to our favorite videos!

P.S. If you're new to Screencastify, be sure to check out our free 1-hour screencasting certification course for teachers that will help you become a #MasterScreencaster in no time!

James Francis

As CEO, James leads Screencastify towards its mission of giving every teacher superpowers.