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Dec 1, 2023

Make Language, Assessment More Visual with Submit

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

Learning a new language, like any skill, requires practice and self-evaluation. And being able to see visible progress in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency, and confidence is invaluable whether you’re a beginner or advanced. 

That’s why Language teachers have turned to Screencastify Submit to request and collect simple videos from students.

Language teachers use Screencastify to give students a way to demonstrate their skills and progress by recording a video from their own devices. And for Language teachers specifically, it’s an easy way to effectively asynchronously assess students in language classes and gauge each student’s progress without live, in-person presentation, which saves time and provides flexibility in projects and assignments. 

Visible oral lessons, self-pacing and progress assessment

Submit adds a valuable assessment tool to any teacher’s tool belt. And it’s one that brings flexibility and accessibility for both the teacher and the student. 

Teachers can assign lessons of all types that can be created any time, any where. And students have the agency to create at their own pace without the pressure of creating the perfect video in one try. 

Vicki Neal, teacher for adult ESL learners at Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools, uses Screencastify for recording herself as well as empowering students to record their oral presentations which makes assessment of progress simpler.

“I use Screencastify for me to record myself and show them how to do things,” she said, adding that students are able to take their time and learn at their own pace. “We will study a poem for a whole month and then they practice reading it all month, and then they have to record themselves and submit it.”

Shannon Foster, a Spanish teacher at iSucceed Virtual High School, said that Submit helps set the pace for visible learning from day 1 and throughout the year. 

“Every course has an introduction. So they have to introduce themselves, and that's where I get a picture of them and I also get to hear their voice.” 

Shannon adds that creating more video assignments allows her to see much more detailed progression of each student's learning.

“I like to have more recordings because six recordings doesn't show me that you can speak or how your pronunciation is," she said, adding that more video assignments means more practice in different contexts and more life-like scenarios. "I also create more assignments where they have to do things like go to a grocery store and record themselves talking to somebody in Spanish.”

Submit for simple video creation

Shannon has also embraced Submit for its simplicity when incorporating video assignments into her lessons. 

“I started using Submit because there’s a link they can click and it automatically goes to it — it records, and all they have to do is click submit,” she said. “And it goes to my courses, so I don't have to set it up every single quarter.”

Submit utilizes single-click recording for students who receive video assignments and click on the “magic link”. There’s no need to create an account, or install any extensions or apps, and recording can be done from any device with a camera (inside or outside the classroom), so they’re not locked into any ecosystem. Submit is also integrated and organized directly with Google for added ease-of-use.

“It's super easy for my students,” Vicki said. “They don't have to go to another website … they just submit it through Google classroom. And they really enjoy that [simplicity].”

Protecting student privacy

Submit is designed to protect student privacy and data. But it’s also built to bring comfort in letting students know who will be able to see their videos. And Screencastify’s security features allow Submit to be toggled to let students only see their own video, which is why Screencastify is popular among teachers who prefer it to alternatives that allow students to view each others’ videos.

This is especially beneficial in a subject that necessitates more practice and homing in on imperfections.

“A lot of students are recording at home,” Vicki said. “And I knew that if it was going to be more public like that, they wouldn't have felt comfortable. So it's more individualized for each student to look at, but again, they don't see who's submitted and they don't see [other students’] work at all.”

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For added security and privacy, Screencastify is fully compliant with COPPA and FERPA. Learn more about our privacy policy here.

Improve Language learning today!

Providing students an easy-to-use platform that also gives them control over their learning pace helps each individual student learn more effectively while saving teachers time.  

“It’s really easy. I've actually used Screencastify Record to make a [video of] Submit showing them it's a ‘Click record,’ ‘Save,’ and we're done. It’s simple, and I like that part of it,” Shannon said.

Try Submit in your own classroom free by installing Screencastify in seconds to create your first video assignment!

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

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