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Jul 2, 2024

ISTELive 2024 Recap: 3 Takeaways from a Former Teacher, Principal, and Current Customer Champion

Shaun Conway
Director of Customer Solutions

Hello there! 👋 I'm Shaun Conway, Director of Customer Solutions at Screencastify. Our team had a wonderful time in Denver last week connecting with educators and edtech companies venturing into the future of learning. To keep the good vibes going, here are my 3 key takeaways from this year's show.

1. Problem Solving is at the Forefront of Everyone’s Mind 🧠

There are more challenges in today’s schools than maybe ever before. Many of these challenges and problems are first encountered by teachers and, being the heroes they are, they work tirelessly to solve as many of these challenges as possible. And while nobody solves problems like teachers do, the sheer volume is now more pronounced than ever.

While speaking to dozens of teachers at ISTE, it was reinforced that the challenges in today’s schools are more complex, dynamic, and numerous than they were in previous years. Unfortunately, as those challenges grow, many districts are dealing with diminishing resources and the expiration of federal financial relief.

In typical teacher fashion, they are constantly brainstorming for new and creative solutions so that their students can thrive. One of the more common options is looking for technology that helps solve problems. We at Screencastify are fortunate that many teachers have identified Screencastify as a core component in their problem-solving toolbox.

Whether it is general ease of use, dynamically sharing videos via hyperlink, creating Submit assignments to gauge student understanding, efficiently making a video better with a few simple edits, or translating captions into over 90 languages, Screencastify prides itself on making a simple and easy-to-use tool that helps teachers solve problems.

2. Consolidation is Key 🔑

With the growth of challenges in the classroom, the needs that teachers and administrators have for their tech tools continue to evolve. Specifically, districts are looking for tech tools that are not just a single action but rather full wraparound platforms that are one-stop shops for various learning functions.

Students yearn to learn, and teachers need technology that serves many purposes, allowing students to access and display their learning in various ways. Screencastify has added several major pieces of functionality over the last six months, allowing districts to consolidate three, four, and potentially five or more tools into Screencastify.

AI assistance, on-screen annotation, editing, video assessment, analytics, quizzes, world language translation, comments, and more are all within our easy-to-use platform that teachers know and love.

3. Nobody is More Fun than Teachers! 🎉

Despite all of the challenges that teachers encounter on a daily basis, it is impossible to not recognize the genuine and bright glow of teachers that accompanies large gatherings like ISTE. Every day, teachers work to best serve their school, and when they have a chance to let their hair down, there is nobody more fun than teachers!

Along with our friends at Brisk, Drift, and Edtech Insiders, we had over 750 people RSVP for our celebration event at ISTE, where teachers were able to socialize, hydrate, eat pizza, and play arcade games! While we all had a blast, there was nothing more rewarding than seeing teachers share laughs and good times with old friends and new.

What were your biggest takeaways from ISTELive 2024? Tweet us @Screencastify and let us know.

Shaun Conway
Director of Customer Solutions

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