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Dec 2, 2021

Improve Student Engagement with Our Ultimate Guide

Olivia Nelson
PD Specialist

We know educators are busy juggling a million things — and considering recent challenges teachers’ have faced, student and family engagement has become an increasingly important consideration for educators all over. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 25 ways that you can pump up student engagement this year with video in your classroom.

Whether you’ve never used Screencastify before or you’re already a Master Screencaster, we’ve got something for you. Check out these 25 engagement tips and you can even let us know if you have some of your own!

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What is student engagement? 🙋

Student engagement has been shown to have a positive impact on student achievement. In other words, when students and their families are more engaged, they do better in school. How do we define student engagement? Before we talk about ways to increase student engagement in your classroom, we thought we’d define the phrase. The Institute of Education Sciences gives a helpful definition of three different types of student engagement:

  • Behavioral: Time on task, student participation
  • Emotional: Feelings of belonging, enjoyment, and attachment
  • Cognitive: Investment in learning, perseverance, self-regulation

We hope all of the strategies outlined in this ebook will help you make sure students are behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively engaged in their classrooms. 

Want the right tools for engagement? Listen to our episode of EdTech Heroes below featuring Kim Nidy, Director of Technology at North Canton City Schools.

Why is engagement important? Quite simply, student engagement improves student learning outcomes. However, it’s not only students who benefit. It’s important to engage parents and families, too. 

Research shows that parent engagement in schools is closely linked to better student behavior, higher academic achievement, and enhanced social skills, as stated by the CDC.

Create engaging content 🎬

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Olivia Nelson
PD Specialist

Former elementary school teacher helping educators use video to enhance the learning experience.