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Nov 15, 2023

Video to Improve Adaptive Skills, Engage Special Education Students

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Keeping students engaged is a top priority for educators. 

As technology continues to play a pivotal role in modern classrooms, the need for versatile tools to create instructional content that will be beneficial to special education students of all learning styles and abilities is crucial. That’s where Screencastify comes into play — this easy-to-use tool is an essential piece in an educator’s toolbox to make learning more engaging and give students an exemplary learning experience.

Complicated video recording software is a hassle that educators and teachers do not need. Screencastify allows you to quickly create and share recordings from your browser tab, webcam, or full desktop view, offering flexibility that means you can capture lessons, lectures, or presentations easily and effortlessly. It’s also great for teaching adaptive skills while empowering students to control the content and work at their own pace. 

Since instructional videos can often require fine-tuning to ensure your message gets across clearly, Screencastify allows teachers and educators to easily edit, trim, crop, annotate, blur and more to videos. You can also highlight key information for students.

Video: The engaging, adaptive way to tailor instruction 🎓

Educators and teachers know that education isn’t just about conveying information, it’s about making the learning experience accessible for all learners. Using video in the classroom allows personalization to lessons, creating a more engaging learning opportunity  for students. Video also allows for adaptability when it comes to catering to students’ unique learning needs. It empowers educators to create customized videos that break down complex concepts for students who learn differently. Students can pause and rewatch videos as often as needed, allowing them to learn at their own pace. 

Teachers can also send video feedback on assignments to allow for contextual explanation and provide specific praise on what students did well, and record positive reinforcement and encouragement videos for students who may need an extra boost. 

Screencastify also allows educators and students to record American Sign Language videos to supplement classwork, ensuring that all students have access to the material. (Watch the video below to see how this American Sign Language teacher at Prince George's County Public Schools uses Screencastify for a vocabulary lesson that students are able to watch again and again!)

The visual nature of video is important and can be highly effective for students with special needs. Making it easy to record and share videos inside and outside of the classroom can be invaluable for teaching adaptive skills. 

For example, educators can use video to model desired behaviors and social skills that students can learn through repeat viewing. Video can also provide a social narrative that helps students understand social cues and navigate challenging situations. These videos can be an excellent resource for students with social learning difficulties. You can film instructional videos on daily living skills such as putting on shoes, getting a school bag together, brushing hair,  and more. These practical skills are vital for students' independence and self-sufficiency.

Teachers and educators can also create customized folders of related videos to reinforce these skills, or others in specific lesson units, making it easily accessible for students when they need it, wherever they are. 

Improve individualized learning with video 🙋

Screencastify goes beyond creating instructional content — it can also be a valuable asset for Individualized Education Program (IEP) updates and assessment. Teachers can record students performing target skills and tasks successfully to show their progress, creating a valuable resource for tracking and sharing student achievements. These videos are easily shared with parents and teachers, and the direct communications keeps everyone on the same page and helps foster a supportive educational environment. 

Video recording also helps educators foster parent involvement. Teachers can create video messages and tutorials on how parents can support their child’s learning at home to strengthen the home-school connection. 

Screencastify for every classroom

Whether you’re adapting your teaching to cater to diverse student needs, teaching adaptive skills, or using video for IEP updates, Screencastify allows teachers and educators to transform the learning experience for students. Install Screencastify free today to get started! Want to learn more? Contact Screencastify today

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