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Sep 21, 2023

Improving District-Wide Communication Through Video at JCPS

Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

With the right technology in place, learning has extended well beyond the four walls of the physical classroom.

Maybe the most important tool for extending personalized learning is video, which has emerged as a necessity in order for K-12 teachers and administrators to be able to provide the best possible learning outcomes inside and outside of class. And as more educators gain access to tools such as video, they are discovering how it benefits individual students while improving communication across entire districts. 

Recently we hosted educators from Jefferson County Public Schools to discuss the role of video and technology in the modern classroom. Read on to learn their thoughts on the subject or watch the entire webinar here!

Giving teachers the tools to create across different mediums 📱

How video has changed the approach to personalized learning 💡

With the right tech tools, student learning can happen any time and anywhere. Education goes far beyond the walls of a classroom as Dr. Kathleen Receveur, Technology Specialist at JCPS, points out.

“Teachers are now able to meet those individualized needs of our students, by having a recording of a quick lesson or something that they taught that many students did not understand, and being able to load that to our LMS for students to watch later,” she said, adding that video makes differentiation in teaching easier by recording different videos for different groups of students based on their interests.

William Pierce, Executive Director of Technology at JCPS, adds that relationships with students is maybe the most important aspect of teaching. 

“Through video, being able to see your teacher and extending it beyond the classroom allows that relationship to facilitate the learning outside .. and students might not feel like they're on their own, answering those homework questions or finishing up that project. It really takes the classroom and expands it not only from a content perspective, but also obviously from that relation, kinship perspective.”

How video has evolved parents’ visibility into student learning 🙋

Ways video improves district-wide communication 🏫

William talks about top-down video creation in the JCPS district being a key to communication. 

“Our superintendent uses it, our principals use it. It really all boils down to, if you don't tell your story, somebody else will. And obviously, we can do that through texts, we can do that through a variety of avenues. … And it's all on us to show the excellence that we are doing, and that our students are learning and taking those significant steps forward. So video really helps in that because it puts a face to it. It allows us to get our message out to any stakeholder, not just parents and families, but really to the larger community and showcase the fantastic things that we are doing.”

Kathleen adds that flexibility is created with video.

“Teachers and schools are still receiving information when they may not have been able to be there in person, but they're still able to receive that same information as their colleagues.”

Executing strong blended learning in 1-1 environments 🤝

The most important things in video software 🎬

When using video, Kathleen urges ease of use to be the primary consideration for teachers and students. 

“How easy is it to use? How easy is it to share the video with others? I think ease of access is really important. But another thing that has really been popular is the editing tools for teachers to be able to go back [and edit mistakes] … that's a big time saver.”

William adds that interactivity is key to student engagement with video.  

“I think where we're going next is gamification, and for students to be able to interact within the videos, not just by answering a question, but how can we make videos to where students complete a video?” he said. 

Bring video to your district

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Jarrod Rice
Content Lead

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