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Oct 4, 2023

Four Ways AI Can Enhance Asynchronous Video Creation

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As we discuss in our recent white paper, artificial intelligence and asynchronous video can live in harmony. When used together, the two technologies can be a powerful tool for teachers to improve learning in any classroom. 

Click below to download our white paper to and learn more about the future of AI and video. And read on for quick tips on how AI can enhance asynchronous video creation right now! 

So, what exactly can AI do for asynchronous video creation? A better question might be what can’t it do. Here are four ways students and educators alike can use AI for more impactful asynchronous videos.

1. Script writing  ✍️

AI can generate high-quality scripts for asynchronous videos. By analyzing the topic and audience, ChatGPT can produce engaging and informative scripts that can be used for video creation. This can save time and effort for creators who struggle with scriptwriting.

2. Editing ✂️

AI can assist in the editing process by providing recommendations and suggestions for improving the video. For example, it can suggest adding more visuals or sound effects to make the video more engaging. It can also help with grammar and spelling checks to ensure the video is error-free.

3. Transcription 🤖

AI can transcribe the video content, making it easier for creators to create closed captions or subtitles. This can help with accessibility and reach a wider audience.

4. Content promotion📱

AI can help creators promote their video content by generating compelling captions or headlines that can be used for social media posts. This can help increase the visibility of the video and attract more viewers.

Video in every classroom

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