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Feb 15, 2019

The Screencastify Webinar Series - Flipping Professional Development

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

We are incredibly excited to kick off our webinar series! Through the series, we hope to highlight the most innovative uses of Screencastify.

In our first installment, it seemed only right to get meta about professional development. So, we're leading a webinar intended for professional development that is focused on professional development.

Our reasons for settling on the topic of professional development are multi-fold.

First, you all asked for it!

Second, professional development needs improvement

In most states, ongoing professional development is a requirement for re-licensure. Yet, teachers report that PD sessions are often ineffective. For some, professional development routinely fails to address their individual needs.

At Screencastify, we know that professional development is crucial to an educator's growth. So, our inaugural webinar aims to teach everyone how to facilitate high-quality PD. If everyone can lead, personalization becomes easy.

Third, there isn't enough time for high-quality PD.

Becoming a transformational educator takes time! However, opportunities for high quality professional development are few and far between. The National Staff Development Council reports that teachers often need 50 hours or more to truly hone a skill, yet most teachers report that time spent in PD sessions is drastically less. The result: Teachers attend sessions where they are unable to apply the skills they have learned.

While we can't add more time to the day, we have created a platform that is perfect for creating alternative sessions. When we implement PD outside of the traditional model, we have more time to do it.

Fourth, teacher collaboration is lacking.

Professional development isn't confined to a specific day or a specific leader. Teachers across the world are using their colleagues as a resource. Unfortunately, teachers report a lack of time to collaborate professionally.

We hope to encourage collaboration across time zones, countries, and schools. Most importantly, we know that Screencastify can make collaborating with the teachers across the hall even easier.

Fifth, teachers need help to implement educational technology.

Across the board, teachers want to infuse technology into their classrooms. Yet, they often report that they haven't received enough support on implementation.

We hope to provide another method for teachers to learn to implement educational technology.

Ready to revolutionize professional development?

Join our team on Tuesday, February 26 for a YouTube live webinar on flipping professional development. We'll be live at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST/6 PM PST.

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Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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