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Sep 27, 2022

FAQ: The New Screencastify Free

Screencastify Squad

We’re proud to offer Screencastify Free, a plan that’s perfect for creators who are new to video and just getting started on their journey with video communication. Our new Free plan offers access to much of the power of the Screencastify platform, with the ability to record and edit videos up to 10 minutes in length, and to store 10 videos in your Screencastify library.

How many videos can I record for free?

The free Screencastify plan allows you to record as many videos (up to 10 minutes in length each) as you’d like, and store up to 10 of those videos in your Screencastify library.  

What if I reach my video library limit? 

After you have reached your 10-video library limit, you will need to either upgrade to our Starter or Pro plan.

Will my videos be deleted if I am over the 10 video limit?

We will not delete your videos if you’re over the 10 video limit, but you will be unable to create a new video recording via the Screencastify extension or file upload until you upgrade to a Starter or Pro plan.

Will I still see Viewer Analytics on the new free plan?

You will be able to preview the first three viewers on all your videos. Your historical viewer analytics will not disappear or get deleted but you will need to upgrade to our Starter or Pro plans to access all viewer analytics. Prior to 10/03/2022, users still have access to historical viewer analytics. After 10/03/2022, users will no longer have access to viewer analytics without upgrading.

What are the limits on a Screencastify Free account?

  • 10 Minute Recording Limit
  • 30 Minute Video Export Limit
  • 10 Video Library Limit
  • Blocked mp4 and mp3 exports
  • Videos Exported to YouTube show a Screencastify branded Watermark
  • Limited viewer analytics
  • 1 Submit Video Assignment

How do I upgrade my subscription?

If you'd like to continue making videos but don't wish to delete any ones you've made then you can upgrade your subscription to Screencastify Starter or Pro! Starter or Pro will allow you to create as many videos as you'd like at any length. You can check out our pricing page here to select the type of subscription you'd like! 

Can I still store videos in Google Drive?

When a video is deleted from your Screencastify Library, that video will also be deleted from your Screencastify Folder in Google Drive. Of course, you can always download your files directly from Google Drive before deleting them. Note: Any videos that are removed from your Screencastify Library will lose any Interactive Questions, Captions and Viewer Analytics that you’ve added on the Screencastify platform. Visit this page for more on this topic.

I have more questions.  

We have answers! Please visit our help center for more information.

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