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Mar 9, 2021

Honor and Celebrate Women with Screencastify

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This month, we’re excited to celebrate Women’s History Month. And, we hope you’ll use this opportunity to honor and uplift women who have made a difference. Below, check out a few of our favorite ways to use Screencastify to commemorate this month.

Teach students all about an amazing woman

It’s no secret that Screencastify is perfect for creating instructional videos. This month, create an instructional video that teaches students about an inspiring woman they might not have heard of. Check out this list of iconic women in multiple fields.​

Host a virtual career day 💼

Career day is an excellent way to introduce your students to women who are excelling in their fields. By making the event virtual, you can connect them with professionals from across the globe. To get started, create a Screencastify Submit assignment and send it to inspiring women. When you’re ready, share the folder with all of your students! Or, use Screencastify Edit to compile them into one amazing presentation.

Support a nonprofit focused on women

​Have students research a woman’s nonprofit organization and explain their mission. Then, they can use Screencastify Recordand Editto present their findings. Here are a few resources your students can use to find organizations doing incredible work:

Go on a virtual journey 🏔

Record your way through the official Women’s History month site and showcase a few cool videos along the way! With Screencastify Record, you can capture the audio from the webpage with just one toggle.

Get students talking about inspiring women

Students can record a presentation on a woman in their life (family member, role model, historical figure) by narrating a picture presentation of their person. Then, have students use the editor to add text overlays of character traits that best represent the woman of their choosing.

Check out a few inspiring women to get your kiddos started:

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Make research collaborative 🤝

In small groups, students can choose an influential woman from history. Each student can record a few facts about their woman. In the editor, the group can combine all of their videos into one amazing presentation.

Groups can check out these fierce women:

A virtual poetry performance

​​Have students record themselves performing a poem written by a woman. The videos can be added together in the editor to create one longer performance piece done by the entire class. You can also use Screencastify Submit as a quick way for students to turn in their work. If you’re on the hunt for a place to start, the Poetry Foundation has a great collection celebrating women this month.

Make meaning through music 🎶

​Students can record over a YouTube music video performed by a woman. As the song goes on, students can pause to analyze the lyrics. This is the perfect assignment if your students have fallen in love with reaction videos on YouTube and TikTok (here’s an example from last month).

If you’re looking for a few videos for your students to analyze, here are some of our favorites:

Read a children’s book

​Create a recording of you reading a children’s book. Don’t forget to use the annotation tools to help capture the important details! And, of course edit your video to make the book even more engaging. For some inspiration, check out these books honoring Women’s History Month.​

Get students reflecting ​🤔

At the end of Women’s History Month, students will have learned a ton about the power of representation and the important contributions women have made globally. Ask them to create a reflection video that details their experience with Screencastify Submit.​ We’re excited to hear about all of the things you and your students create this month with Screencastify Record, Screencastify Edit, and Screencastify Submit.

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