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May 29, 2024

Celebrate Student Success: Creating Shoutouts with Screencastify

Tonya Kelly
Customer Success Manager

With Screencastify, you can create heartfelt student shoutouts that recognize growth and success and foster a strong sense of belonging within your classroom and school community. Whether you're highlighting progress made over time, celebrating a moment of kindness or empathy, or acknowledging a moment of breakthrough in the classroom, Screencastify allows you to capture and share these transformative moments with just a few clicks.


With Screencastify, each shoutout is an opportunity to create something truly special. Our versatile platform allows you to craft unique videos that reflect the student's journey and the impact they've made. With Screencastify, you have the power to create shoutouts that are as unique as each of your students.


After recording your shoutout, it's time to share the joy with the world! With Screencastify, you have various options to share your student shoutout. Screencastify offers innovative features to make sharing a seamless process. Use our Watch Page link to generate a unique URL to easily share your shoutout with students and families, or create a QR code for quick access!


Encourage your fellow educators to join in on the celebration by sharing their own student shoutouts. There's nothing quite like witnessing the pride and joy on students’ faces as they see their own work and accomplishments celebrated.

Not only do these shoutouts inspire the students being recognized, but they also serve as a source of inspiration for their peers. With Screencastify, everyone can easily capture and share these memorable moments, becoming champions of student success and fostering a sense of belonging and pride throughout our school community.

Bonus tip: 

Utilize Screencastify's captions and World Language Captions features to make your shoutouts even more accessible to a diverse audience. Whether you use captions to ensure clarity for those who are deaf or hard of hearing or translate captions into a multitude of languages for non-English speakers, you're extending the reach of your message, fostering inclusivity, and ensuring that every member of your school community can fully engage and connect with the celebration of student success.

Tonya Kelly
Customer Success Manager

Always lending a helping hand to ensure your Screencastify experience is seamless