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Aug 28, 2023

Activate Your Creativity and Productivity with Screencastify!

Screencastify Squad

Imagine having a trove of tools at your disposal to create content and learning opportunities that will truly engage your students — but you haven’t yet began to tap into this wealth of resources. 

Sound familiar? If you’ve downloaded Screencastify, but haven’t yet started creating, we can help! Here are some tips to get going and begin screen recording videos today!

Using Screencastify to create video 🎬

Using the one-click sign on to Screencastify will get you into your account in no time. And once you’re in, the creation of videos begins — but how?

To start recording, simply click the Screencastify icon and choose where you want to record: from a browser, a webcam, or desktop. Next, choose additional settings for your recording, such as drawing and annotation tools, capturing audio from a browser tab like YouTube or from an application like PowerPoint. Click the blue “Record” button, and you’re on your way!

Once you’ve completed the recording, click the stop button, and you will automatically be taken to the recording’s Video Management Page to edit, save, and share your recording. 

Best uses for video in and out of the classroom 🎓

For many users who have downloaded Screencastify but haven’t yet activated, the reason is simply that they haven’t had the chance to create videos, though there are many opportunities where screencasting is an ideal component of learning. How?

To start, videos that address questions students may have can help clarify learning objectives or new material. They’re an easy way to provide additional information and explanations.

Outside of the classroom, video is also a useful tool when onboarding new employees, as an avenue to introduce them to team members, explain best practices, or catch them up to speed quickly on in-progress projects. For both students and employees alike, video offers the benefit of being able to watch, and re-watch, for deeper understanding and learning at their own pace.

What’s more, using asynchronous video is a two-way street. Once you’ve created a video, you can ask for responses to it that will demonstrate what has been learned.

Using Screencastify Submit, teachers can better understand how students are absorbing material, approaching new learning concepts, or the student’s thoughts on a new topic. Businesses can more easily engage with clients, and ask for feedback on projects using Submit, or provide clarity on complicated aspects so everyone is on the same page. 

Screencastify can also be used to celebrate students and employees. Videos wishing people a happy birthday, showing off examples of a student’s or team’s hard work, or simply recording a video praising a student or team for a job well done that can be shared with others are great ways to engage with students and teammates across a school or organization. 

Ways to use video in the classroom, at a glance: 

  • Flip classrooms by sharing video of important content in advance
  • Share video with absent students
  • Let students create practice presentation videos
  • Create videos that celebrate successes
  • Build more personalized outreach to student’s parents
  • Create weekly announcement or recap videos
  • Record engaging video quizzes for students
  • Take students on virtual field trips

Ways to use video at work, at a glance: 

  • Answer FAQs and build a knowledge base
  • Build a library of content for onboarding new employees
  • Create troubleshooting videos
  • Request videos from customers to share bugs or issues
  • Review and annotate complex documentation
  • Review individual projects or record performance reviews
  • Build more personalized outreach to clients

5 tips for making great videos💡

You’ve activated Screencastify, and you’re overflowing with ideas on videos you want to create. Let’s go! But before you hit record, here are five tips to improve your recording and make the best videos you possibly can. Related: get even more tips here!

  1. Choose the right recording tool: Screencastify includes all of the tools you need to screencast successfully. From recording to editing and everything in between, it integrates easily with your learning management system and other softwares. 
  1. Be prepared: Not only do you yourself need to prepare to record, you also need to make sure your environment is ready. Have your notes handy, and close out any unnecessary tabs or browsers, turn off alerts, and make sure sensitive information is out of view.
  1. Record! But first, do a test: When it’s time to record, follow the easy-to-use instructions to get your recording up and running. Before that, though, do a test run, to make sure your recording and audio are working properly, and you have everything you need to be successful. Then simply reset and you’re ready to go!
  1. Edit what you record: You may want to edit your recording once you’ve finished, and Screencastify has all the tools you need to do so. Cut and trim content, blur parts of video, and more to create videos that help your audience engage better with the material. 
  1. Share your video!: You’ve recorded and edited your video, now it’s time to share your stuff! Save and upload your recording to push out to your audience at the click of a button. 

If you haven’t activated our video creation journey, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to record and share your videos, and no easier way to do it than with Screencastify!

Screencastify Squad

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