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Jan 20, 2022

5 Techniques for Using Screencastify as an Instructional Coach

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

Instructional Coaches have a hugely important role - helping educators improve their pedagogy. However, it can be incredibly hard to do well.

Challenges may include finding time to meet with teachers, getting appropriate buy-in from all stakeholders, and creating training materials that are ubiquitous enough to speak to educators across grade levels and subject areas. 

Luckily, communicating through video has the potential to help coaches supercharge their impact. 

Take a look at five ways Instructional Coaches can use the Screencastify Suite to increase their impact. 

Flip professional development 🔄

Rolling out new instructional strategies can be tough. As a coach, you’ll need to find time to meet with everyone and integrate the new strategies. Then, you’ll have to check in to make sure the roll out is going smoothly. 

With Screencastify, the challenge of finding time to meet is no longer a worry. You can record your session and make it available to teachers to watch whenever they want.

Looking for a way to make sure your colleagues fully understand the new strategy? Interactive questions can help you get a pulse on what teachers are ready to roll with and where they might still have a few questions. 

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Introduce new tools 🛠

Over the course of the year, you may use various tech tools to communicate and push learning. Unfortunately, onboarding new tools can be time consuming and ineffective. 

One way to improve tech onboarding is to use Screencastify. Record a video introducing teachers to the new tools and how they can utilize them in their classrooms. 

The best part is that pre-recorded tech onboarding allows you to differentiate. You can create videos for educators who are already familiar with the tool to help them level up. And, create a different video for teachers who may be brand new to using the technology. 

Showcase excellent work 💯

It’s no secret - sometimes the best professional development happens when teachers hear about the incredible work their colleagues are doing in their classrooms. 

With Screencastify Submit, you can facilitate that idea sharing. Create an assignment that asks teachers to share best practices and make the responses available to the entire school or district.

In seconds, you’ve created a digital Professional Learning Community chock full of strategies teachers can revisit again and again. 

Host office hours 🏫

Keeping an open door is essential as an Instructional Coach. Teachers may have questions about tech tools, instructional strategies, or new ideas to implement. Unfortunately, it can be hard to answer all of the questions - you’re only one person after all. 

Screencastify Submit allows you to create a digital space for teachers to ask questions. If you’d like, you can elect to receive an email whenever a colleague submits a new video to ensure you’re up to date. And, when it’s time to respond, you can record a video to turn one-way communication into a two way street.  

Coaching the teachers 👏

Looking for a way to understand more about what’s happening in classrooms? Have teachers record their lessons with Screencastify! It’s easy - they’ll set up their computers at the beginning of class, teach as normal, and then share the video with you later.

As a Coach, you can watch the recordings, provide feedback, and then decide how to best assist your colleagues. 

Get started now

There are so many ways to use Screencastify as both an educator and an Instructional Coach. Whether you’re looking for a new way to communicate, teach new strategies, or aide instruction, try using video to boost your impact. The best part is getting started with Screencastify is free!

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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