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Oct 24, 2022

Tips for Using Video in Your Workplace Right Now

Screencastify Squad

Without question, implementing video in the workplace is a great way to improve productivity. Videos allow access content whenever it's needed (at home, before an meeting, or any other time). Plus, video can be paused and replayed so no detail is missed.

Yet, beginning to use video content in your workflow can be challenging. Which program should you use? What kind of videos should you make? And how will colleagues view them?

Luckily, we’ve got easy answers! Use Screencastify for a quick, easy experience that takes care of recording and sharing videos. And below, we’ve included a few easy ways to begin using video right now. 

Record directions 🗺

Continuously repeating directions being unnecessary is one of them. To save yourself some time, try recording directions with Screencastify. 

Need employees to create a new workflow for submitting performance reviews? Record your webcam and show them exactly what they’ll need to do. 

Having a new digital marketing resource? Record your browser tab or desktop to show them exactly what they’ll need to do to leverage it. They’ll be able to follow along click by click. 

Since your directions will be available on-demand, anyone can pause, rewatch, and replay as many times as they’d like. You can even send the video to coworkers or new employees to share the resource.

Quick instructional videos ⚡️

Creating quick instructional videos is a great time saver. Asynchronous video allows viewers to internalize video at their own pace. Plus, they can go back and rewatch videos at any time. 

Luckily, creating instructional videos with Screencastify can be super versatile. Have a Google Slides presentation (or any other digital resource)? You can make it the backdrop of your recording by including your screen. 

With webcam recordings, you could even record your live instruction to make it available later. 

🌟 Pro Tip: You can even use external headphones (like AirPods) when recording live instruction to ensure every word is captured in your video 🌟

If you’d like to quickly check for understanding or see how effective your video is, you can even add an interactive question or two to your instructional videos. In real time, you’ll understand exactly what your viewers know and take away. 

Access peoples' thinking 🤔

After you’ve created a video or two, you may be curious what your viewers are thinking. Luckily, video-creation can be a two-way street with Screencastify. 

With Screencastify Submit, you can ask your colleagues anything:

  • How they would solve a procedural issue
  • Their thoughts on the recent company growth
  • Their ideas for Q4 performance improvements

Regardless of what you choose to ask, you’ll end up with an authentic and clear response.

Record feedback 🎥

Providing feedback is a crucial part of anyone person's professional growth. Unfortunately, written feedback can easily be misunderstood. 

To make your feedback clearer and more engaging, try using Screencastify to record it. 

It’s as simple as pulling up a performance review on your device and turning on Screencastify to share your feedback and praise. 

🌟 Have feedback you share over and over? Create one video that helps address the common misconception and use it any time it's applicable for years to come. 🌟

Celebrate co-workers 👏

Celebrating peers can be an effective way to increase engagement and investment. With video, there are tons of ways to celebrate your colleagues:

  • Create a video congratulating your team on a big accomplishment
  • Show some examples of great work that's been done
  • Record videos praising members of another team and share with their manager

Share your ideas!💡

As you improve, you’ll quickly find that video can become ubiquitous in the workplace. The Screencastify Squad is here to help you implement video in increasingly exciting and innovative ways, but if you have your own, feel free to share on Twitter @screencastify!

Click here to start using video in your office today!

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