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Privacy FAQs

The following FAQs are meant to summarize the information in our Privacy Policy. They are not a replacement nor an addendum to our Policy. Click here to read our full Privacy Policy.

What personal information do you collect?

Screencastify collects the minimum amount of personal information required to operate our business. Specifically, we collect your email address, basic app usage data, and any information you choose to share with us (for example if you email us or complete a survey).

Who do you share my data with?

We never rent or sell your information to third parties. We only share your data with third party service provides that are required in order to operate our business. We maintain a list of these providers here.

Who owns the videos I create?

You do. We do not store, host or view your videos. You are in full control of them after you finish recording.

How do you make money?

Our only source of revenue comes from sales of paid subscriptions or API subscriptions.

Do you show targeted advertisements or build a profile of your users for advertising purposes?

No, never.

Are you COPPA, FERPA and SOPIPA compliant?

Yes, yes and yes. Screencastify has achieved full certification from for compliance with COPPA, FERPA, California Education Code 49073.1 and SOPIPA. This is the most secure level of certification available for educational technology products.

What measures in place to you have to protect my data?

We have strict security measures in place to try to protect your information and make sure that it is not lost, damaged or accessed by anyone who should not see it. Your data is transmitted securely over SSL and stored in Google Cloud. To learn more about Google Cloud’s security measures, please visit

Additionally, we conduct regular security audits on these services and access to this data is restricted to only authorized employees of Screencastify with suitable training and background checks.

Can I request to view or delete the personal information you have collected?

Yes, send us an email at

Where can I get more information?

Check out our full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.