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Frequently Asked Questions

About Screencastify

Why do people use Screencastify?
Do I have to download software to use Screencastify?
What are the requirements to use Screencastify?
Where does Screencastify store my videos?
Does Screencastify work offline?
Can I download my videos?
Can I share my videos on YouTube and with other people?
Does Screencastify work on Chromebooks?

Screencastify Unlimited

What's the difference between Screencastify Free and Unlimited?
How do I change the email address I use with Screencastify Unlimited?
Will my Unlimited subscription automatically renew after a year?
Will I lose my recordings if my Unlimited subscription expires?

For Schools

Do you offer school discounts?
How do I manage multiple licenses?
Can I pay for Screencastify with a purchase order/check?