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Combat Learning Loss
Wednesday, June 23 2021 at 7 PM ET
Hosted by
Nefertiti Dukes
Learn strategies for using video to create powerful learning experiences that combat learning loss induced by the impending summer or school closures.

On-Demand Webinars

Screencastify + Students = Magic
Stella Pollard creates magic everyday with video - sheโ€™s able to hear from every student and understand their thinking. Learn how she does it with Screencastify.
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Infusing your Classroom with Hyperdocs and Screencastify
Hyperdocs are here to replace that old, outdated textbook. Join Lisa Highfill (who first coined the term 'Hyperdoc'!) and Holly Clark to learn more about engaging students with video, articles, and experiences.
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Utilizing Screencastify in the Elementary Classroom
Using video, the 'Fliptastic Four' were able to facilitate discussion and encourage their students to think metacognitively. The best part: they're elementary school teachers!
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Genius Hour Protocols with Screencastify
Genius Hour is a practice that epitomizes student choice by allowing students to decide what they study, how they study it, and the resulting product. Learn how to get your students started!
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Screencasting for Improved Reading Fluency
Fluent readers are more likely to comprehend their material and enjoy it. But, how do you teach fluency? Try using videos -- we bet your students will love it!
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Use Screencastify to Connect with Parents Anytime, Anywhere
A classroom that includes parents is ultimately a successful one. The team at friEdTechnology details how they use video to keep parents informed and engaged.
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Providing Meaningful Feedback with Screencastify
Timely, actionable feedback is how our students improve. But how can teachers find the time to make their feedback personal? With video, of course! Join us for a discussion on video feedback.
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How to Make Sub Plans with Screencastify
When you need to miss a day, the learning doesnโ€™t have to stop. Use Screencastify to continue the lesson digitally.
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Supercharge Google Slides with Screencastify
Google Slides can do just about everything - add Screencastify and youโ€™ve got the perfect tool for a digital classroom. Learn how to marry these awesome tools!
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