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Classroom stories

Tiny true tales about teachers who are using Screencastify to improve learning.

  • 📕 Mrs. Esposito's English Class
  • 🏛 Mr. Caudill's History Class
  • 🌎 Mr. Cline's Online Class
  • 💻 Mrs. Schnick's Digital Instruction
📕 Mrs. Esposito's English Class

Heather Esposito

English Teacher


Last year, Mrs. Esposito realized that her high school students' reading fluency had a critical need for improvement. But how could she get a group of 16-year-olds excited about reading aloud? That was the million dollar question.

After some trial and error, she turned to Screencastify. To begin, Mrs. Esposito started creating simple videos of herself reading the class material. Students quickly reported back that these videos gave them an opportunity to understand the readings in a deeper way.

Soon, students in Mrs. Esposito's class were using Screencastify to record their own videos. Since Screencastify videos are automatically saved to Google Drive, students were able to view their videos over time and see their progress.

With Screencastify, Mrs. Esposito was able to turn a pretty dreaded task -- reading out loud -- into something her students looked forward to. At the end of the year, it was evident that reading comprehension and fluency had improved dramatically.