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Get the most out of Screencastify with these resources created just for you.

Getting Started 🚀
If you're new to Screencastify, follow these steps and you'll be up and running in no time.
📋 The Beginner's Guide to Screencastify
A step-by-step blog post made just for LAUSD educators. We'll cover everthing you need to know in order to record, edit and share a Screencastify video.
🍎 Screencastify Basics for Educators
Learn the basics of Screencastify and some popular ways to screencast in the classroom with this 15-minute session taught by Laura Litton.
Getting Better 📈
Now that you're comfortable, it's time to start using Screencastify in the classroom.
📖 25 Ways to Screencast in the Classroom
This eBook is the ultimate teacher's guide to using Screencastify, featuring ideas from leading educators including Matt Miller and Vicki Davis.
🎓 Beyond the Basics
Learn additional skills for enhancing your screencasts with this 25 minute session taught by Laura Litton.
Getting Bestest 😜
We're cookin' now! Let's turn it up a notch and really get the most out of Screencastify.
📺 Webinars for LAUSD Educators
Dive deeper into some of the most impactful ways to use Screencastify with webinars led by some of our favorite educators.
⚡️ Keyboard Shortcuts
Screencast superfast by memorizing some of our keyboard shortcuts. Before you know it, you’ll be navigating Screencastify without touching your mouse!

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