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Nov 29, 2018

Announcing our Professional Development Partner: friEdTechnology

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

We are pleased to officially announce friEdTechnology as our professional development partner. The decision to align with  friEdTechnology was easy. They have been providing online and in-person professional development sessions aimed at helping educators transform their classrooms with Screencastify since we have been a company.

friEdTechnology, a Google Professional Development Partner, strives to provide fun, useful, and current PD to educators. As part of the partnership, they hope to provide more opportunities for educators to learn about the most effective ways to use screencasting.

If you know friEdTech you might also know its founder, Amy Mayer, who is a bonafide screencasting queen! Check out the company YouTube channel and you’ll see what I mean!

The official partnership between Screencastify and friEdTechnology is already so exciting. But, we wanted to add even more holiday cheer to this announcement. The first 12 days of December will be dedicated to fun Screencastify/friEdTechnology joint challenges. Take a look below for more information on how you can participate:

The Challenges

December 1: #SharingSaturday. Screencastify has propelled some amazing lessons. Those lessons shouldn’t be restricted to a single classroom. Add your lesson to Screencastify’s new library of lessons and receive 90 days of Screencastify premium free!

December 2: #SantaSunday. We love the holidays here. We’d love to see a picture of you in your cheesiest holiday outfit. We hope that your festive fit includes Screencastify swag.

December 3: #MondayMate. Post a picture of you and your best mate at school. If they’re truly your best friend, you have probably already introduced them to Screencastify. If you haven’t introduced them yet, what are you waiting for?

December 4: #TechTipTuesday. Share a tech tip every teacher ought to know. Pro Tip: Tech tips are always best when accompanied with an easy to follow screencast.

December 5: #WowWednesday. Screencastify has the power to truly transform classrooms. Tweet a picture of your administrator's face when you tell him/her everything Screencastify can do.

December 6: #TacoBoutSC. Participate in friED’s Taco Bout Screencastify webinar which will be packed with information about how to successfully implement Screencastify in your classroom or school. If you haven’t been to a friEdTechnology session, here’s your chance to witness their brilliance first hand.

December 7: #FlipgridFriday. Join in on an ongoing discussion about all things Screencastify. If you don’t already have #flipgridfever, you will when you join our grid.

December 8: #StudentSaturday. Post about the amazing things your students have created on Screencastify.

December 9: #TwitterTuesday. Follow Screencastify and friEdTechnology on Twitter. Bonus: Tweet to us about your favorite Screencastify feature or friEDTechnology session

December 10: #WowWednesday. Post a GIF showing how you felt when you first learned about Screencastify.

December 11: #ThursdayThoughtsSC. Let’s connect: post a question your class wants answered by the community of screencasters.

December 12: #FestiveFriday. Transform this Screencastify Logo into a holiday picture & report your challenges (enter to win) using this form.

Challenge Prizes

Of course, no challenge is complete without prizes! We have some amazing prizes for you to claim on December 12. For every day you participate, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a free 5 year Screencastify subscription and a FREE online Google Educator Certification course and voucher for Level 1 OR 2 (your preference), a $125 value!

Participate in up to five challenges: Win a class set of Screencastify & friEdTechnology stickers.

Participate in up to ten challenges: Win a free Screencastify T-shirt, a discount code for 25% off of a premium license, and a Google Level 1 or Level 2 Testing Voucher (your choice which) from friEdTechnology

Participate in at least 11 challenges: Win 120 days of Screencastify completely free plus a free online course powered by friEdTechnology.

Don’t forget to enter to win on December 12th!

The Screencastify/friEdTechnology fun doesn't end after December 12th. If you want to stay up to date, follow Screencastify and friEdTechnology on Twitter.

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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