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Dec 17, 2018

App Smashing with Screencastify Comments

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

One of our most requested features has come to fruition! Without leaving the extension, users can now add comments to their Google Drive videos.

The new feature is incredibly exciting! The possibilities are limitless but a particularly exciting possibility is the ability to seamlessly direct viewers to other extensions and applications. This is guaranteed to make app smashing with Screencastify even easier than it already is. Take a look below for four ideas on how to app smash with comments:

1. Amplify #studentvoice with Flipgrid 📣

Flipgrid has an amazing product aimed at amplifying student voice. It was already possible to import Screencastify videos into a grid or topic. However, it's now possible to have your Screencastify video and Flipgrid responses live in two separate places. Students can watch the screencast on Google Drive, YouTube, or Google Classroom. Later, a comment can direct them to share their thoughts and reactions on Flipgrid. You have the best of both worlds. Capture #studentvoice with Flipgrid while simultaneously cloning yourself with Screencastify.

2. Assess comprehension with Google Forms ✅

Google Forms provides an amazing platform to assess students. With the new commenting feature, students can watch a screencast and then immediately be directed to demonstrate their knowledge on a Google form. The days of coaching students through typing in multiple links are over.

3. Send students to curate on Wakelet 📂

Wakelet is an amazing curation tool! You can organize content from all over the web into a single collection. So, students can integrate tweets, YouTube videos, screencasts created with Screencastify, and articles all into a single post. With the new comments feature, you can have students watch a screencast and then create their own collections on Wakelet. Alternatively, you could even have students add their ideas to a class collection.

4. Collaboratively whiteboard on Aww App ✏️

Aww App provides the perfect platform for collaborative white boarding. After students are introduced to a concept with your screencast, send them over to Aww App to work together. The potential uses are boundless: students could solve a complex math problem, illustrate their thoughts on a reading, or complete an anatomically correct drawing.

The new commenting feature opens the door for a plethora of different app smashes, we'd love to hear about your ideas on Twitter.

Nefertiti Dukes
Professional Development Manager

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