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Jun 8, 2018

22 Million Stories - The 2017-18 School Year in Review

James Francis

Here’s a fun fact: 22 million videos were created with Screencastify during the 2017-18 school year 🤩

If that doesn’t impress you, try these on for size:

  • Screencastifiers have recorded one video per second since September 1, 2017
  • If you watched all the videos one after another, it would take you 245 years (no bathroom breaks) 🚽
  • You’d need more than 160,000 Chromebooks to store all the videos

The education world should be proud.

Those 22 million videos are more than just a cool stat. They’re an indicator of a more effective and equal education system.

No matter your learning style, speed or environment, video-based instruction empowers students to learn at their own pace, in their own way. And we're humbled to be a part of that.

Ah, the memories we’ve made 🧡

As the school year ends and teachers and students are greeted with some well-deserved time off, we thought it’d be fun to look back at some of our favorite ways you all have used Screencastify in the classroom.

We saw people screencasting in the hallways, principals office, gym, music room, playground and more! You all never cease to amaze us with your creativity and passion.

So without further ado, here are our favorite 2017-18 memories! If we missed one, let us know on Twitter and we'll add it to the list.

The thrill of your first ever Screencastify recording!

Screencastify and Stop-Motion: a match made in heaven

Mini-lessons = MAJOR impact

Who says you need to be at a desk to use Screencastify?

Hmm, I wonder what that project was...

Even if you’re not in class, your Screencastify video can be

Take a trip across the country with Lewis and Clark 🚂

Young advertisers!

2nd graders learning French. Bon travail! 🇫🇷

Recording a digital notepad makes thinking visible

Making school announcements more personal

Minecraft in class? Yes please!

Jake discovered some lesser-known-but-super-cool features!

Musical screencasts 🎶

Get your class up and running in 30 minutes or less

Bringing poems to life



Refine those presentation skills on video

It’s never too early to get reflective


Let the students be teachers!

We’re sold!

A tool for learning about tools...toolception

We should probably hire Ella 📈

Learn -> Record -> Narrate -> Share -> Repeat

Check out these nifty 2nd graders!


Let’s be serious...but not TOO serious

Get your Greek on! 🏛

Two languages, but many more memories

We've got some young Oprah's over here!

Who can write a Screencastify rap for us?

Let’s hear your best radio voice…🎙

Step right in to my virtual home 🏠

Screencasting as they’re learning to read...wow!

Authors (and narrators) of their own destiny


Looks like the Screencastify dream team

More reflections

Do re mi fa so la ti do...

How Stella got her feedback

Get out and SCREENCAST! 🌳

1, 2, 3, 4...integer raps? Give us more!

What if maps could talk? 🗺

Screencasters as far as the eye can see 👀

More principal messages

Storytelling is what it’s all about

The best story is your autobiography

Amazing mentorship

We'd like to send a heartfelt thank you to all the teachers who have shared so much with us this year (and to all you dedicated readers who have made it to the end of this post). Keep sending us your pictures and videos on Twitter @Screencastify - we love seeing them.

Here's to another successful school year, and have a wonderful summer!

James Francis

As CEO, James leads Screencastify towards its mission of giving every teacher superpowers.