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The Road to 10 Million Users!

Nefertiti Dukes | March 01, 2019

The Road to 10 Million Users!

It's official: there are more than 10 million Screencastify users worldwide!

Wow! We've come a long way. When we started, our founder Manu had a simple thought: screen recording shouldn't require a high level of technical expertise, bulky software, or a powerful machine. He set out to achieve what was then impossible. Now, screen recording is possible with a simple Chrome extension.

Do you remember what it was like? David Chan, the Director of Technology at Evanston Township High School, does!

Wow! The things you've accomplished on the way to 10 million! ✅

As a company, we are constantly amazed at the creative ways you all have found to use Screencastify. You all have used it across subjects, grade levels, and countries. We thought it would be cool to take a look at some of the most creative uses over the years.

Take a look at some of the best screencasters below. If we've missed your creative use, join our #communityofcasters on Twitter and let us know.

The creative recording venues are always fun!

Ya'll have found some creative ways to #cloneyourself 🙍‍♂️➡🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️

We can't leave out the app-smashing fun! 👊

So many of you took on the call to #sharescreencastify

The road to 10 million has been amazing! We can't wait to begin our journey to 20 million.

In the meantime, celebrate with us! Use the code "10MILL" to get 20% off an upgrade to premium for today only (Our users are so amazing that we had to double the discount!)

Thanks for being so awesome, ya'll! Catch us on Twitter for even more Screencastify awesomeness!